Ricardo’s Comprehensive Global Emissions Standards Database

Stay up to date with global emissions standards and legislation. Around the world, emissions legislation is evolving rapidly. Emissions standards can be complex to understand, but EMLEG provides easy-to-read summaries that can help you to quickly check the latest emissions standards along with a summary review to help you interpret them.

EMLEG enables users to stay up-to-date and save valuable time when researching current and future emissions standards and CO2 emissions regulations / fuel economy regulations. The database spans across all regions and covers market sectors in relation to passenger cars, commercial vehicles, heavy-duty vehicles, non- road engines and motorcycles.

What is EMLEG?

EMLEG (Emissions Legislation) is an online subscription database that provides a way to quickly and conveniently understand emissions standards by country and market sector.

The Ricardo EMLEG service provides online summaries of emissions regulations for over 50 countries including the EU, US, China, India, Brazil and Japan.

Significant developments and the phase-in of new regulations are ongoing in several areas. The EMLEG database includes updates on all countries that have emissions legislation information available. It will include the latest updates on the Bharat Stage VI standards in India, the development of European emissions standards post-Euro 6/VI, CO2 emissions targets related to the Paris Agreement, US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and CARB (California Air Resources Board) emission requirements and more.

Jon Andersson

"The Ricardo EMLEG database is a highly convenient and accessible resource that I regularly use to keep me appraised of changes to global emissions legislation. The fact that the database is constantly being updated with detail and insightful comments by the EMLEG consultant, Dr Giuliana Trippa, gives me confidence that I will always see the latest, most relevant, information."

- Jon Andersson, Global Technical Expert, Emissions Measurements & Standards, Ricardo

"EMLEG was immensely helpful in our work [Study on Post-EURO 6/VI emission standards in Europe (part A)] and we were quite satisfied with the overall experience, as it has provided a very accurate, detailed and up-to-date summary of regulations worldwide. Especially for emission standards in other regions, which are often hard to find and interpret."

- Nikos Tsalikidis Research Engineer, on behalf of EMISIA

How can EMLEG help me keep up to date and understand emissions standards?

Official documents from legislative bodies can require specialist skills to interpret. Ricardo does the hard work for you, and our emissions legislation consultant updates EMLEG throughout the year. EMLEG can help vehicle and engine manufacturers, automotive suppliers, chemical engineers, climate change consultants and anyone who needs to understand emission standards and legislation. The database provides a summary of legislation along with details of real driving emissions test requirements and explanation of emissions test procedures. Both current and future emissions legislation is analysed and is searchable by country or via market sector. Market sectors covered include passenger cars, heavy-duty vehicles, non-road applications, marine, motorcycles, and more.

EMLEG world emissions made clear

Your EMLEG subscription gives you access to:

  • Tables of limit values
  • Explanations of test procedures
  • Details of test requirements for certification including real driving emissions (RDE)
  • CO2 emissions requirements
  • Links to original source documents
  • Regular email alerts + downloadable material

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EMLEG: A global emissions standards and regulations database

EMLEG: A global emissions standards and regulations database

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