Clean low carbon technology meets performance at Ricardo’s LCV2014 stand

Clean low carbon technology meets performance at Ricardo’s LCV2014 stand
10 September 2014

Ricardo technology demonstrators capable of high fuel efficiency, clean performance, and low carbon emissions shared a platform with a gasoline-electric McLaren P1 – designed, engineered and built to be the best driver’s car in the world on road and track – at the Low Carbon Vehicle Event (LCV 2014).

Ricardo’s concept of ‘intelligent electrification’ was exhibited in the form of the launch of the first functional integration prototype of the Advanced Diesel Electric Powertrain (ADEPT) project, which aims to demonstrate a powertrain with uncompromised performance and less than 70 g/km CO2 emissions (equivalent to better than 100 miles per imperial gallon of diesel) as measured over the European Drive Cycle, but at a projected production cost significantly lower than a comparable full hybrid electric vehicle. Ricardo’s ADEPT was joined by the company’s HyBoost concept – which featured earlier this year on Jay Leno’s Garage to much acclaim – a gasoline intelligent electrification concept that provides hybrid-like fuel economy at a cost premium of less than a diesel.

The Ricardo intelligent electrification displays were joined by a plug-in hybrid SUV concept based on a Land Rover Freelander and featuring a compact two-cylinder Ricardo range extender generator developed from a Fiat Twin Air engine, and a Ricardo electric vehicle concept based on a popular Volvo SUV. Perhaps the star attraction amongst Ricardo’s vehicle displays, however, was a development test example of the McLaren P1 gasoline-electric hypercar – loaned by McLaren for the Ricardo vehicle displays at LCV 2014 – which features an advanced Ricardo Battery Management System.


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