Doosan Infracore selects Ricardo low emissions combustion technology

Doosan Infracore selects Ricardo low emissions combustion technology
23 January 2013


  • Ricardo Twin Vortex Combustion System (TVCS) enables Tier 4 emissions compliance without expensive aftertreatment equipment
  • Leading clean combustion technology to be incorporated in new Doosan engines, including those for use in Bobcat off-highway equipment

Doosan Infracore is a highly successful international business with a stated ambition to become one of the world’s top three construction equipment and machine tool companies by 2020. The company is a leader in Korea’s heavy machinery industry with a worldwide reputation for continuously developing new technologies and improving product quality, founded on a 75 year history of consistently meeting the changing demands of its customers.

Ricardo and Doosan Infracore have been collaborating on range of programmes, in particular relating to the achievement of US Tier 4 emissions regulations which will be required for the diesel engines used in the company’s off-highway and construction equipment products in international markets. Central to this collaboration is the incorporation of Ricardo’s patent-pending TVCS clean combustion technology which enables Tier 4 final emissions standards to be met with minimal requirement for particle aftertreatment. As a result, unlike many of its competitor engines, the new Doosan Infracore compact engine family does not require a diesel particulate filter to meet these stringent new emissions regulations.

Doosan Infracore recently held an opening ceremony for its all-new Compact Engine Plant in Incheon, Korea, where Tier 4 final compliant versions of its new compact engine family – in 1.8, 2.4 and 3.4 litres capacity variants – will be manufactured. Amongst the customers of these state-of-the-art engines featuring Ricardo’s flagship TVCS clean technology is leading international equipment company Bobcat, which has announced plans for Tier 4 solutions that include Doosan-built engines powering some of its equipment line-up for 2014.

“Ricardo is pleased to have been able to collaborate with Doosan Infracore in the development of its new Tier 4 final compliant engines,” said Ken Kim, president of Ricardo Korea. “The Ricardo Twin Vortex Combustion System has already proven itself as a highly successful clean technology that offers manufacturers a very attractive path to Tier 4 compliance without the need for overly complex and expensive aftertreatment systems. We congratulate Doosan Infracore on the launch of its new plant in which its state-of-the-art compact engines will be manufactured, and look forward in anticipation to the launch of Bobcat products in which they will feature from 2014 onwards.”


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