Free webinar: Why climate disclosures are important for business

Free webinar: Why climate disclosures are important for business
15 June 2020

Free webinar: Why climate disclosures are important for business

As governments around the world are setting increasingly ambitious net zero emissions targets, the importance of climate disclosures has never been more crucial for business. In this free webinar, Ricardo and leading law firm Clyde & Co will present their perspective on how organizations can successfully transition to a more sustainable business model based on climate-related financial disclosures

The Taskforce for Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) framework is an increasingly important tool for organizations to demonstrate their commitment to climate change mitigation. However according to the recent report ‘Falling Short’, published by the Climate Disclosures Standards Board – an international consortium of business and environmental NGOs – many companies are failing to deliver effective climate disclosures. As an example, the report cites that 78 percent are weak in principal environmental risk disclosure. 

Given that the TCFD considers the physical, transition and liability risks associated with climate change, Ricardo has teamed up with leading law firm Clyde & Co to support organizations in understanding the full picture across the three risks categories. In a free webinar, ‘Why are climate disclosures important for your business?,’ to be hosted on Tuesday 7th July 2020, 10.00-11.00 BST, Ricardo and Clyde & Co experts will explain why the TCFD framework is increasingly essential for businesses both to understand and to act upon. Delegates will hear how companies can address the challenges in establishing a TCFD process, learn tips as to how these can be overcome, and gain a better understand of how to make the successful transition to a more sustainable business model.
Specific topics to be addressed in the webinar will include the background to the objective of non-financial climate reporting and disclosures; why climate disclosures and the TCFD framework is important for any organization; the key areas where businesses are not fully disclosing their material risks; the forms of climate risk, including the potential impact of liability related risks, and; considerations for getting started with climate related risk and opportunity analysis. 

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