Much more than just a change of name

Much more than just a change of name
13 October 2015

During the summer, while many Ricardo customers and employees were enjoying a well-earned vacation, we took the step of changing the brand of the former Ricardo-AEA to become the new Ricardo Energy & Environment. This change of name follows less than three years after we became part of the Ricardo plc group in November 2012, a highly successful period in the development of our environmental consulting business and one during which we have become a key part of the Ricardo group strategy.

While we remain the same company and team in all other respects, the rebranding looks to the future and more meaningfully reflects our products and markets. When AEA Technology was acquired by Ricardo plc in 2012, we felt it was helpful for our clients to maintain the AEA reference point for a while. We now believe our brand reputation and strength has transferred satisfactorily to the Ricardo name, and so we can look forward.

However subtle it might appear at first sight, the name Ricardo Energy & Environment is for me also a much bolder reflection of our ambition to address some of the toughest environmental and societal challenges faced by the world in the century ahead. We help our clients as they seek to tackle climate change, improve air quality in the world’s largest cities, or find solutions for topics ranging from sustainable transport to waste management and hazardous chemicals. We help countries - from the richest to the poorest - to develop and prosper.

Ricardo Energy & Environment needs to be at the forefront of global thought leadership.

Following on from the integration of PPA Energy into our business at the end of 2014, the summer of 2015 also marked the acquisition of water industry consultancy Cascade. These acquisitions broaden our capabilities still further and enable us to address two additional global issues – water shortage and the development of modern electricity systems. These programmes provide an extremely tangible indication of the seriousness of our strategic intent.

In short, I believe that we have driven our business so far in such a short period that the time is clearly right to move on. For me, our change of name is much more than just a subtle re-branding. It is both a reflection of what we have collectively achieved to date, and it represents nothing short of a statement of our commitment and intent to be the leading source of energy and environmental consulting in the world.

This view point featured in RQ Q3 2015 - click here to download the full publication.