NCEC hosts Global Chemical Congress on reducing risk of major chemical incidents

NCEC hosts Global Chemical Congress on reducing risk of major chemical incidents
02 February 2016

Experts in emergency response, responsible care, crisis management and regulatory compliance will provide delegates from the world’s leading chemical companies with practical guidance on preventing or limiting the impact of serious incidents at the 2016 Global Chemical Congress (GCC 2016) on the 20-21 April 2016 in Old Windsor, UK.

Hosted by specialists on the frontline of emergency response, GCC 2016 offers a range of hands on training seminars and workshops designed to provide attendees from across industry tips and tools for reducing the impact of a chemical incident. The annual event provides insight on global emergency response and crisis mitigation best-practice to ensure companies handling hazardous materials are best prepared to safeguard business continuity and protect stakeholder, end user and public wellbeing. A full programme for the event can be accessed at

As chemical supply chains expand around the world even a minor chemical incident can have a serious financial and human impact on a company and its employees. Manufacturers, distributors and others throughout the supply chain are under increased pressure to ensure that their safety procedures are robust and fit for purpose in every region they operate in. GCC 2016 will offer a platform for chemical companies, regulators and emergency service providers to network and discuss the best strategies in meeting these obligations through chemical incident response, up-to-date regulatory compliance and high-end product stewardship.

GCC 2016 will include presentations by speakers from around the world on the challenges facing chemical companies operating in both established and dynamic regulatory environments. This includes the development of new regulations in South America, changes to trading practices in China following the 2015 Tianjin explosion, and updates to Poison Centre regulation in Europe. The event will be preceded by a crisis management workshop designed to support managers responsible for crisis leadership develop quick and effective strategies for emergency response throughout a company’s supply chain. 

Jon Gibbard, NCEC practice director, said: “Delivering the highest level of stakeholder safety and ensuring business continuity across the supply chain is a critical responsibility for chemical companies. The Global Chemical Congress is developed and delivered by chemical safety, emergency response and regulatory compliance specialists from across the world with the express purpose of providing product safety managers the tools they need to meet this obligation. The event is designed to enable each attendee to get maximum value from their attendance, with three parallel event streams focusing on emergency and crisis response, product stewardship and regulatory updates.”

Event organizer NCEC provides 24 hour global emergency response advice to 50 percent of the world’s top 100 chemical companies. NCEC offers services in over 48 languages, including Mandarin and Cantonese, and is accredited to provide emergency response in China through its relationship with the National Registration Centre for Chemicals. 

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