New Ricardo-AEA advice service assists energy efficiency compliance

New Ricardo-AEA advice service assists energy efficiency compliance
27 April 2015

Ricardo-AEA has launched a new service to keep organizations fully informed on how different Member States are implementing Article 8 of the European Union’s (EU) Energy Efficiency Directive and, crucially, what requirements their business must meet before 5 December 2015.

The Directive is designed to support the delivery of the EU’s 2020 20 percent target for increased energy efficiency. Article 8 of the Directive requires ‘large’ organizations to undertake regular energy efficiency audits.  For UK purposes, ‘large’ companies are defined as either employing more than 250 people or having an annual turnover or balance sheet value exceeding pre-set limits. Each Member State will interpret and implement Article 8 within their national context but crucially, all organizations will need to comply with the relevant national interpretations by 5 December 2015.

Paul Maryan, managing consultant at Ricardo-AEA, said “We are fast approaching the deadline for businesses to demonstrate compliance with Article 8. While the UK has set out its interpretation of Article 8 within its Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), many EU Member States have yet to prepare their national response to the Directive. This doesn’t give organizations with operations across Europe a lot of time to understand the still emerging national interpretations and ensure local compliance.

“Ricardo-AEA’s new Article 8 Compliance Alerts service provides organizations with monthly updates on the countries that are specifically relevant to their operations, highlighting the steps they need to take to ensure their activities are fully compliant by 5 December. This invaluable, time-saving service will enable companies to have the essential information about energy efficiency compliance delivered straight to their inbox.”

Ricardo-AEA worked with the UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change to provide national guidance on ESOS and is now monitoring how different Member States implement Article 8 for the European Commission.

Further information on the compliance alerts service can be found on Ricardo-AEA’s website:   


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