RADSAFE picks NCEC incident notification for radioactive material transport

RADSAFE picks NCEC incident notification for radioactive material transport
19 July 2017

RADSAFE picks NCEC incident notification for radioactive material transport

UK mutual aid scheme RADSAFE has appointed NCEC, a subsidiary of Ricardo, to provide 24-hour incident notification to coordinate rapid response in the event of an incident involving radioactive materials.

RADSAFE is a mutual aid scheme that helps organisations involved in transporting radioactive materials to provide coordinated emergency response during an incident.

As the appointed Emergency Notification Centre, in the event of an incident NCEC will be the first point of entry for emergency calls, for instance from members of the public and the emergency services. NCEC’s team of professional emergency responders will coordinate immediate first response between RADSAFE responders, the emergency services and UK environmental agencies.

Heather Phillips, Chair of the RADSAFE Board, said: “We are pleased to welcome NCEC as a key partner for the future providing the core notification point for the RADSAFE scheme”.

NCEC was chosen to provide incident notification on the strength of its over 40-year experience providing emergency chemical telephone response on behalf of the UK Government’s Department for Transport and many of the world’s largest chemical companies.

Its 24-hour, multilingual telephony system offers immediate response by a trained emergency responder. NCEC is one of the world’s only incident notification services staffed by degree level chemists experienced in providing accurate emergency response in potentially high impact situations.

“It is a privilege to be appointed as the RADSAFE Emergency Notification Centre,” said Dan Haggarty, NCEC head of emergency response. “NCEC provides comprehensive emergency response services to the chemical industry and the UK fire and rescue service, and has a deep understanding of the complexities involved in managing a hazardous materials incident. We will work closely with RADSAFE to ensure this expertise and knowledge is applied to any RADSAFE call received”.

Find out more about NCEC’s range of incident notification and emergency response services at http://the-ncec.com