Ricardo’s NCEC hosts 2017 Intervention in Chemical Transport Emergencies meeting

Ricardo’s NCEC hosts 2017 Intervention in Chemical Transport Emergencies meeting
22 May 2017

The UK’s National Chemical Emergency Centre (NCEC), a subsidiary of Ricardo, will host the 2017 Intervention in Chemical Transport Emergencies (ICE) meeting on 23 May 2017 – bringing together national ICE centres from across the EU to review and discuss industry best practice for the transport of hazardous goods

NCEC provides 24-hour chemical emergency response on behalf of chemical manufactures, transporters and emergency services across the world, and is the appointed national ICE centre for the UK. ICE is a cooperative Europe wide programme that supports the chemical industry in its goal to continually enhance safety and security in the transport of hazardous goods.

“ICE is an important component of the chemical industry’s ‘Responsible Care’ movement,” said Dan Haggarty, NCEC head of emergency response.  “Continual improvement is a core pillar of Responsible Care, and the annual meeting provides a valuable platform to review advances and innovations in hazardous goods transport and chemical emergency response and use this to consolidate industry best practice.”

ICE centres are set up in each European country to create a network of assistance for the chemical industry, including providing emergency response in the event of a chemical incident when required. An ICE centre must be available 24 hours a day, providing telephone response during an incident in the local language of the region where the incident occurs and connecting personnel at the incident scene to local sites and resources able to assist them. 

NCEC has over 40 years’ experience providing emergency response to help mitigate the impact of transport incidents. Its global 24-hour, multilingual emergency line is one of the world’s only emergency response services to be staffed by graduate level chemists experienced in providing immediate guidance in potentially high impact situations.

Find out more about the ICE Transport Emergency Scheme at http://www.cefic.org/Industry-support/Transport--logistics/Transport-Emergency-Scheme-/

Find out more about NCEC’s role providing emergency response for the bulk logistics and transport sector at http://the-ncec.com/