Ricardo ‘openair’ training gets full marks for ‘revolutionizing’ use of air quality data

Ricardo ‘openair’ training gets full marks for ‘revolutionizing’ use of air quality data
12 July 2018

Ricardo ‘openair’ training gets full marks for ‘revolutionizing’ use of air quality data

Ricardo’s inaugural ‘openair’ masterclass has been rated 5/5 for overall satisfaction, with one attendee stating that the training would ‘revolutionize’ his work with air quality data. 

The three-day training, held at Ricardo’s London office earlier this summer, was attended by a range of international air quality professionals. The course was created and delivered by Ricardo knowledge leader Dr David Carslaw, who has led the development of the 'openair' project for over a decade.

Attendees unanimously praised the course: giving the highest possible marks for overall satisfaction and stating that they would be extremely likely to recommend the training to others.   

During the course Dr Carslaw’s team provided one-on-one coaching to help users understand the full power of ‘openair’, master its use, and enhance analysis of their air pollution data.

The ‘openair’ package is an open source software utility dedicated to the analysis of air quality data. It is one of the most powerful and widely used air quality analysis tools available, with over 100,000 downloads worldwide. The power and versatility of the software, and the almost endless capabilities of the R coding language which underpins it, has driven demand from users wanting to understand how to unlock the full value of the ‘openair’ tools.

Ricardo’s three-day masterclass helps users to overcome their air pollution data challenges through practical exercises that deploy advanced ‘openair’ techniques to understand and analyse data. Participants use their own data during the course to ensure they learn techniques relevant to the challenges they face, helping them to better retain course knowledge by learning within a familiar context.
“I am extremely pleased that our course has received such positive feedback from attendees, many of whom are working at the forefront of air quality data analysis”, said Dr Carslaw. “I’m confident that all those who attended left with an enhanced skill set and greater understanding of the power of ‘openair’ which they can now replicate and build on within their organizations”.

To read full testimonials or to register interest in attending the next ‘openair’ training course visit https://ee.ricardo.com/air-quality/openair-and-r-data-analysis-training/course-overview