Ricardo-AEA contract to deliver the UK’s Sciencewise initiative extended

Ricardo-AEA contract to deliver the UK’s Sciencewise initiative extended
18 March 2015

The UK’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) has awarded Ricardo-AEA – together with its partners at Involve and the British Science Association – a one year extension to continue delivering Sciencewise, which supports policy making through effective engagement and dialogue with the public

The work will continue the important role of Sciencewise as the UK’s National Centre of Expertise on public dialogue.  It will involve providing specialist advice and guidance on all aspects of engaging the public. The contract extension will ensure government policy makers continue to receive support on using public dialogue to understand the public’s views, concerns and aspirations regarding emerging areas of science and technology. 

Ricardo-AEA and its partners have a long track record in supporting government in efficient and effective engagement with the public.  Sciencewise has provided support to many government departments and agencies including the Human Fertilisation & Embryology Association’s (HFEA) dialogue on mitochondria donation – support that directly helps to inform government policy decisions.

Alan Mercer, Ricardo-AEA’s Sciencewise manager, said “We are delighted and very excited by this opportunity to continue delivering Sciencewise. We have had a number of recent notable achievements, including our support for HFEA’s public dialogue, which was quoted in the House of Commons and in the House of Lords as ‘a highly commended, respected and wide-ranging public dialogue.’ This extension will allow us to continue helping policy makers with the complexities of public engagement. We will be further raising the skill levels across government, developing different ways for policy makers to involve the public and developing options for continuing the type of activities and outcomes that Sciencewise advocates and supports.”

Further information on Sciencewise can be found at: http://www.sciencewise-erc.org.uk/.


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