Ricardo-AEA plays key role in consortium awarded Scottish Government-funded contract

Ricardo-AEA plays key role in consortium awarded Scottish Government-funded contract
04 March 2013

The consortium – led by the Energy Saving Trust (EST) in partnership with Ricardo-AEA – will provide a new one-stop advice service to help Scottish organizations reduce energy, water and raw materials costs, under this £3 million per year contract awarded by Zero Waste Scotland.

The new ‘Resource Efficient Scotland’ advice and support service will go live on 1st April 2013 and will replace Scottish Government business and public sector advice services currently delivered by Zero Waste Scotland, Carbon Trust, EST and Ricardo-AEA. It will be the first time advice on energy, water, materials and waste can be accessed from a single service.

The service which EST and Ricardo-AEA will provide includes free support, training and access to funding to help organizations implement resource efficiency measures.  The firms will operate a telephone and web-based advice service, staffed by resource efficiency experts and provide managed support such as on-site consultancy visits.

Jamie Pitcairn, director of Ricardo-AEA Scotland, said: “In my view there’s no doubt that companies seeing the wider resource efficiency picture will really reap the benefits of improved competiveness and business growth. Ricardo-AEA will be providing key skill and knowledge transfer services as well as developing resources to keep businesses engaged and help them identify real savings. As businesses become more competitive, they will help to boost Scotland’s economy so the potential is therefore very exciting. We look forward to supporting both the government and the public and private sector by in realizing the goal of a low carbon Scotland.”

Iain Gulland, director of Zero Waste Scotland, added: “We believe bringing together Government-backed advice and support on energy, water, raw materials and waste in this way is a first within Europe. The Scottish Government’s economic strategy recognizes the fundamental contribution resource efficiency can make to economic competitiveness – the economies which flourish in the 21st century will be those which prioritize efficiency and green growth.”


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