Ricardo-AEA supports major European initiative on energy efficiency

Ricardo-AEA supports major European initiative on energy efficiency
05 March 2014

Ricardo-AEA has been commissioned by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Energy to provide analysis and evaluation of the measures planned, proposed or legally defined by EU Member States to implement Article 7 of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED).

The EED forms part of the EU’s policies to address one of the three objectives of the EU ‘20-20-20’ Strategy – to achieve a 20 percent improvement in the EU’s energy efficiency by the year 2020. It is an ambitious Directive and it is estimated that it will bring significant economic, social, and environmental benefits. In addition, the EED will stimulate innovation across the policy landscape, industry and other stakeholders.

Ricardo-AEA’s study will help the Commission in evaluating the policy measures and methodologies planned by EU Member States to implement Article 7 of the EED, and how these measures are expected to contribute to the overall EU energy efficiency target for 2020. This is an important and high-profile project, since it has been estimated in the EED Impact Assessment that Article 7 should be responsible for more than a half of the expected energy savings coming from the implementation of the EED.  

According to the EED, Member States had to notify the Commission of their plans for the transposition and implementation of Article 7 of the EED by 5 December 2013.  Ricardo-AEA is assessing the notifications and checking whether Member States have notified the necessary information in line with the requirements of Article 7 and Annex V. This work includes a preliminary analysis of the policy measures proposed and their suitability, the energy cumulative savings targets and an in-depth assessment of the monitoring, measurement and verification approaches. Member States will submit their National Energy Efficiency Action Plans by 30 April 2014 and it is expected that further information on Article 7 of the EED will be included. The final notification on the general transposition of the EED shall be provided by 5 June 2014.

Ricardo-AEA has assembled a highly experienced team to undertake the work that combines its expertise with CE Delft, REKK and the Environmental Change Institute (ECI) at the University of Oxford. The company’s previous experience in this area includes work on the Energy Efficiency Obligations, the Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme (a direct response to the Energy Efficiency Directive) and a long track record of working on energy efficiency in buildings, industry, and transport.


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