Ricardo-AEA supports Scotland’s next step towards a circular economy

Ricardo-AEA supports Scotland’s next step towards a circular economy
15 July 2014

Ricardo-AEA has been appointed by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) to evaluate the role regulatory levers can play in helping to drive a circular economy in Scotland.

The work will build on the steps already taken by the Scottish Government through the launch of the Zero Waste Plan and more recently the Safeguarding Scotland’s Resources strategy which sets-out a vision for a more resource-efficient Scotland that sends fewer materials to landfill.

SEPA, as part of Scottish Government’s Circular Economy Evidence Gathering and Engagement programme, has commissioned Ricardo-AEA to look at the existing policy and regulatory landscape in Scotland and explore future options. Ricardo-AEA’s work will include analysing regulatory options being implemented in other EU and international countries. From this analysis it will evaluate effective legislative levers that have the potential to promote the circular economy. A circular economy will maximise the value in raw materials by keeping them circulating in the economy and designing out waste. 

Chris Nuttall, senior consultant at Ricardo-AEA, said: “We’re very pleased to be delivering this project for SEPA. Building a more circular economy in Scotland will not just help the environment but will deliver significant benefits to Scotland’s economy. Improving resource efficiency and waste reduction will help cut costs as resource prices rise, helping Scotland improve its competiveness in the global economy. This project will help SEPA and the Scottish Government take informed decisions that promote a circular economy.”


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