Ricardo-AEA to support European Resource Efficiency Scoreboard

Ricardo-AEA to support European Resource Efficiency Scoreboard
12 May 2014

Ricardo-AEA has won a European Commission contract to help communicate the progress being made by Europe on resource efficiency.

The environmental consultancy will be working on a project for the Directorate-General for the Environment to analyse and communicate what the EU’s Resource Efficiency Scoreboard reveals about achievements made at both EU and Member State level. The Scoreboard provides a set of selected metrics to monitor the objectives set out in the EU’s roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe. It is based on the most recent statistics from Eurostat, the European Environment Agency and other internationally recognised sources and includes 30 indicators, organised in five main themes and 12 sub-themes.

The project will analyse the Scoreboard data and develop a commentary on the indicators which will help to explain progress made on resource efficiency. The work should help to determine how the scoreboard could evolve in the future.

“Resource efficiency is fundamentally a simple concept,” said project manager Alexandra Humphris-Bach. “However the vast range of factors involved in resource efficiency policy and implementation means that it can be challenging to explain some indicators. We’re therefore excited at the prospect of helping decision-makers understand the progress being made on Europe’s resource efficiency journey in a clear, unambiguous way.”

For more information on the Resource Efficiency Scoreboard click here: http://epp.eurostat.ec.europa.eu/portal/page/portal/europe_2020_indicators/ree_scoreboard. The commentary will also be published on the Commission website.


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