Ricardo assists Atlantis with tidal energy device technology review

Ricardo assists Atlantis with tidal energy device technology review
27 August 2012

Following the announcement in May by the Energy Technologies Institute of a project to identify ways of providing a cost effective deployment of tidal stream technologies at commercial scale in UK waters, it can now be revealed that Ricardo is assisting project leader Atlantis Resources Corporation with mechanical and electrical engineering technology reviews of the crucial power take-off system.

The Energy Technologies Institute’s Tidal Energy Converter (TEC) demonstrator project is adopting a system and through-life approach to identify, develop and prove the best routes and supply-chain options to commercially viable tidal stream technologies that are deployable at an array scale.  The initial phase of the ETI commissioned and funded TEC project is focused upon reviewing the technology and design options for turbine systems, and aims to identify areas for potential innovations that are capable of reducing the cost of power generation using tidal technologies.

Ricardo has been contracted by Atlantis to collaborate in the design phase of the project, supporting fellow contractor Lockheed Martin. Key areas of work in which Ricardo is involved include undertaking technology and architecture identification for tidal device power take-off systems; supporting mechanical and electrical technology review workshops; providing technology reports and recommendations for the mechanical and electrical systems, and providing input to Atlantis’s array performance model. 

“We are extremely pleased to be able to reveal our involvement in this very important project in the development and commercialization of the offshore tidal stream potential off UK coastal waters,” said Ricardo global market sector director for clean energy, Paul Jordan. “The marine environment is a particularly challenging one for engineering, and it is essential that mechanical and electrical systems are engineered in a manner which delivers acceptable performance as well as robustness and through-life reliability. Just as importantly, the commercial case needs to be demonstrated through design solutions offering a cost-competitive price of the energy delivered throughout the operational life of production-scale arrays. With our strong background in engineering design honed across multiple industries and including offshore wind and tidal stream systems, Ricardo is ideally placed to support industry leaders such as Atlantis in its work on the ETI’s Tidal Energy Converter project.”


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