Ricardo Completes Test Facility Upgrade

Ricardo Completes Test Facility Upgrade
26 October 2009

Ricardo has announced today the completion of upgrade work to the heavy duty engine test facility at the company’s Chicago Technical Center.

The focus of this upgrade work has been on the Constant Volume Sampling (CVS) systems, enabling the facility to provide certification testing of heavy duty engines, for both on and off-highway applications, to the new EPA 40CFR Part 1065 procedure.  Ricardo is one of the first laboratories outside the engine OEM sector capable of testing engines to this new procedure which applies to 2010 and later model years. The use of CVS is widely seen in the United States as representing the gold standard for heavy duty diesel engine emission testing and certification. The system used by Ricardo is also similar to that installed at the EPA engine testing facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with both having been supplied by Horiba.

Measuring diesel engine exhaust emissions levels is becoming increasingly challenging due to the extremely low NOx and particulate matter limits required from 2010 onwards. Through the Part 1065 procedure, the EPA has sought to improve the accuracy, repeatability and lab to lab variability of heavy duty engine emissions measurements by requiring several enhancements to the test systems along with calibration and operating procedure changes. The mandated enhancements required for CVS tunnels in particular include modifications to allow operation at lower dilution ratios which raise the concentration of the gases being measured. Tunnel heating is required to prevent condensation. Further enhancements to calibration methods and analyzer interference checks are also needed.

“We’re pleased to have been among the very first to invest in the testing infrastructure necessary for Part 1065 testing”, explains Graham Weller, US product group director for diesel projects, based at the Chicago Technical Center. “This upgrade of our CVS systems represents a substantial investment and demonstrates Ricardo’s on-going commitment to our clients in the North American heavy duty engine market, even at this time of market uncertainty.”


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