Ricardo contributes to key European research into clean diesel engine technology

Ricardo contributes to key European research into clean diesel engine technology
16 March 2016

The REWARD (REal World Advanced technologies foR Diesel engines) project – part-funded under the European Union’s Horizon2020 Framework – is a research collaboration between 16 partners in 10 different European countries that aims to develop the know-how and technical capabilities to produce cost-effectively, cleaner and more efficient passenger car and LCV diesel powertrains that “go beyond Euro 6 limits under real driving conditions.”

The participation of Ricardo in the REWARD project is focused upon the development of advanced aftertreatment technologies, through system simulation, evaluating new catalyst formulations, and simulation and testing of exhaust thermal management strategies.

The Euro 6d regulations due to come into force in Europe from 2017 will address Real Driving Emissions (RDE) and represent the first emissions legislation which goes beyond the use of an explicit fixed test cycle. Through the research carried out on the REWARD project, Ricardo and its partners aim to evaluate and refine new methods for the development of future clean diesel vehicles in addition to developing aftertreatment technologies and control strategies. The purpose of this work is to help to ensure that these new innovations can be implemented in a cost-effective and robust manner appropriate to mass production.

“Ricardo is extremely pleased to be an active participant of this important European research initiative,” commented Andy Ward, head of Ricardo engines R&D. “Next generation diesel combustion and aftertreatment technologies have a major role to play in the reduction of transport-related CO2 and the particulate and NOX pollutants associated with legacy vehicle fleets. The REWARD consortium brings together the resources of world-leading centres of expertise in addressing the challenges for future clean passenger car and LCV diesel powertrains. We are pleased to be focusing on the key area of aftertreatment technology and look forward with our partners on REWARD to facilitating significant steps forward in the technology level of future diesel vehicles, delivering better and cleaner cost-effective performance under the real-world driving conditions demanded of Euro 6d regulations and beyond.”


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For more information on the REWARD project see: http://www.project-reward.eu/