Ricardo joins Railway Supply Institute

Ricardo joins Railway Supply Institute
22 September 2010

Ricardo Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of Ricardo plc, has joined the Railway Supply Institute (RSI) to continue advancing technology in the railway sector.

RSI works to advance the rail industry’s position as an affordable, efficient and clean solution for moving freight and passengers, and it drives common quality standards and best practices throughout the industry in areas such as design and safety.

“The rail industry in North America is entering an exciting period of investment in light rail, high speed rail, and new propulsion and power technologies that reduce energy consumption and emissions,” said Kent Niederhofer, president of Ricardo. “Our membership in RSI will help us forge stronger relationships with the people and companies pioneering these efforts, and help the industry tackle its most complex design and engineering challenges.”

Ricardo has particular expertise in diesel engineering, driveline engineering, control and electronics, hybridization, cooling system design and simulation, and NVH development. The firm also has the ability to design, innovate and improve upon everything below the solebar of the train – structurally, dynamically, electrically and electronically. 

An example of the new technologies that Ricardo is able to bring to the rail sector is its Kinergy high-speed flywheel energy storage device, a unique, maintenance-free, highly compact and energy-dense system that is ideally suited to rail vehicle applications. Ricardo also is a leader in the development of Intelligent Transportation Systems, which link vehicles to each other and to the transportation infrastructure to reduce costs and improve timing, efficiency and safety.

“We aim to make a substantial and positive impact for our rail clients in terms of tangible considerations such as energy efficiency, quality, robustness and whole life costs,” said Simon Scott, Ricardo global rail market sector director,” said Simon Scott, Ricardo global rail market sector director.  

Scott, who joined Ricardo in February 2010, has been building Ricardo’s rail expertise, recruiting industry veterans with global experience at companies including Cummins Rail, Brush Traction, Alstom Transport Service, Rolls-Royce Power Engineering, Omnicom Engineering and Bombardier Transportation.

“We’re delighted that Ricardo has decided to join RSI, and we look forward to working with them on furthering the goals of RSI in support of our membership and their customers,” said Thomas Simpson, Railway Supply Institute executive director. “Membership with RSI will also give Ricardo marketing opportunities for their technology.”

The Railway Supply Institute (RSI), based in Washington, D.C., acts on behalf of more than 200 of the largest manufacturers and suppliers to North American freight and passenger railroads, and their 150,000 employees. The RSI connects members to their customers and partners, supports the improvement of the industry, assists members in the global marketplace, and represents the industry during the regulatory and legislative process.