Ricardo participates in biggest ever UK Government delegation to China

Ricardo participates in biggest ever UK Government delegation to China
07 November 2010

Ricardo CEO Dave Shemmans is one of a group of senior UK business executives to participate in a groundbreaking mission to China commencing today and being led by UK Prime Minister David Cameron.
In what he described as “a vitally important trade mission”, the UK Prime Minister praised the participation in this initiative of leading organizations, including Ricardo: “I’m delighted we’ve got such a wide range of institutions and businesses coming with us. This visit will mark another step to making Britain the successful, open, trading and pro-business country that I want it to be."

China is an increasingly important market for Ricardo plc, in which the company’s advanced technologies and engineering expertise – in particular within the rapidly developing Chinese automotive and clean energy sectors – have proved to be extremely attractive. The company’s highly flexible approach has enabled Ricardo to tailor its services to the precise needs of its customers including the provision of technology transfer and state-of-the-art product development processes. Ricardo was, for example, a key partner to SAIC Motor in the establishment of the Chinese automaker’s in-house product development operations, and also provided vital engineering support to fellow automaker Chery in the development of China’s first ever hybrid vehicles.

Commenting on the company’s participation in this historic UK government trade initiative, Ricardo plc CEO Dave Shemmans said: “China is a key market for Ricardo, as reflected both in the many Chinese customers we already serve as well as in our participation in the high level UK trade mission commencing today. As Chinese manufacturers strive to provide competitive and energy-efficient products for both their rapidly expanding domestic and international export markets, Ricardo is ideally placed to provide the advanced low carbon and sustainable technologies and services that they require.”