Ricardo provides vehicle NVH support to China’s Qoros Automotive

Ricardo provides vehicle NVH support to China’s Qoros Automotive
06 January 2015

The new Qoros 3 City SUV
Launched in the Chinese market in December, the brand new Qoros 3 City SUV has benefited from the collaboration between Qoros Automotive – one of China’s newest and most ambitious automakers – and Ricardo on NVH integration support.

In the growing Chinese automobile market Qoros has a brand identity and product positioning that is clearly distinguishable from domestic car manufacturers and international joint ventures. The company is a joint venture between Chery Automobile and Israel Corporation, headquartered in Shanghai, and has a state-of-the-art production facility in Changsu. Its stated vision is to ‘harness extensive European expertise in design, engineering and safety to bring enjoyment to customers around the world by delivering high quality products.’

With NVH increasingly a crucial consideration in the purchase decisions of new car buyers in all geographical markets and model categories, Qoros has identified this as an area in which it requires a particular attention. To this end, Ricardo engineers have worked extensively with Qoros, providing support in the development of the new Qoros 3 City SUV which was launched to significant public acclaim in December. Ricardo engineering responsibilities embraced many aspects of NVH, ranging from issue investigation and resolution through to final NVH validation of the new vehicle.

“I am pleased that Qoros has allowed us to reveal the Ricardo involvement in NVH engineering of the new Qoros 3 City SUV,” commented Ricardo Asia president Gary Tan. “With our global skills base honed in the development of the new products of the world’s leading vehicle brands, together with our rapidly expanding presence in China, Ricardo is ideally placed to support all vehicle manufacturers, from the established players to ambitious new independent Chinese automakers such as Qoros.”


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