Ricardo secures automatic train control certification contract in China

Ricardo secures automatic train control certification contract in China
26 April 2017

Ricardo secures automatic train control certification contract in China

Ricardo has secured a contract to provide Beijing Traffic Control Technology Company with product certification services for the upgrade of its Automatic Train Supervision (ATS) technology, ahead of its pending application on the Guiyang Metro.

The new ATS system is set to be applied to Line One of Guiyang’s new urban transit system when construction is completed later this year. Its assessment – to be completed by experts from Ricardo Certification – will be performed against the relevant CENELEC standards. These cover areas including the specification and demonstration of reliability, availability, maintainability and safety; software for railway control and protection systems, and safety-related electronic systems for signalling.

During the assessment process, the Ricardo team will undertake rigorous documentation checks, act as on-site witness on the validation test programme, and perform a range of on-site audits, including safety management, risk management, quality management, configuration management and requirements management. The project is scheduled to complete in summer 2017 as part of the final preparations before of the start of services later this year.

Expert support for a new Chinese-developed technology
The contract continues Ricardo Certification’s important contribution to the rapid development of China’s urban transit networks. In the period between 2009 and 2015, almost 90 transit lines were opened across 20 different cities, with Guiyang one of 11 cities that will open their inaugural transit lines over the next four years.

For many years, China’s networks relied on imported train control technologies to manage the flow of traffic through these systems. But with the support of the national government, new domestically developed signalling technologies have begun to be introduced on more recent lines.