Ricardo to assist China’s Lifan in development of advanced turbocharged DI gasoline engines

Ricardo to assist China’s Lifan in development of advanced turbocharged DI gasoline engines
30 May 2011

Building on a highly successful collaboration over the past five years, it has been announced today that Ricardo will assist Lifan Automobile Group based in Chongqing, China, with the development of a family of highly downsized gasoline engines capable of meeting future Chinese and international fuel economy and emissions regulations.

Under the new contract announced today, two new engines will be developed based on a common 1.2L capacity platform offering a competitive balance of performance, fuel economy, manufacturing cost and weight. A ‘mid-boost’ direct injection (DI) gasoline engine variant of the engine will be developed to replace current Lifan products in the 1.5L to 1.8L range of naturally aspirated engines, while a premium ‘hi-boost’ DI version will provide even greater levels of downsizing by replacing products of up to 2.0L capacity. Both new engines will mark a significant step forward in the realization of Lifan’s ambitions to provide globally competitive products. Engineered to meet China Stage III fuel economy regulations they will also conform to Euro 5 emissions regulations while offering internationally competitive standards of performance and refinement.

Commenting on the award of this new contract with Lifan, Dr Simon P Stevens, president of Ricardo Shanghai, said: “Ricardo is pleased to be able to announce this new project with Lifan, one of China’s most successful and ambitious companies. The project announced today will see us work together to create two highly competitive downsized DI engines conforming to the latest in emissions and fuel economy regulations while delivering levels of performance and refinement expected of world-class products. This new project builds upon our already very positive and long-standing collaboration with Lifan and is a further demonstration of the growing presence of Ricardo in the Chinese market.”


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