Ricardo to show advanced low carbon, clean propulsion technologies at LCV2016

Ricardo to show advanced low carbon, clean propulsion technologies at LCV2016
07 September 2016

Ricardo will exhibit low carbon vehicle technology demonstrators at LCV2016, including EVs, PHEVs, and intelligent electrification hybrids
Ricardo’s leadership across multiple domains of future vehicle technology will be on show at LCV2016 – the UK’s premier low carbon vehicle event, to be hosted at Millbrook on 14-15 September – where the company will display a range of new technology vehicles, as well as its class-leading capabilities in air quality measurement.

In the external display area, Ricardo will exhibit low carbon demonstrators, including battery electric and range extended vehicles, as well as hybrids demonstrating the concept of ‘intelligent electrification’.  A key attraction in this respect will be the ADEPT (advanced diesel-electric powertrain) project demonstrator, which will be available for its first public ride and drives at LCV2016. This marks the completion of the three-year ADEPT project, the full final results of which will be presented at LCV2016 by the project team; led by Ricardo, this also comprised the Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium, Controlled Power Technologies, Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies UK Ltd, Ford Motor Company and the University of Nottingham.

In the internal display area, Ricardo will show some of the company’s latest low carbon powertrain technologies, including fuel efficient engine concepts, flywheel energy storage systems and advanced electric machines. On display from Ricardo Energy & Environment will be state-of-the-art roadside air quality monitoring system technology, and a backpack system for more flexible project requirements. 

In addition to the final results of the ADEPT project, further Ricardo presentations will include subjects ranging from new engine design and the light-weighting of powertrain systems to next generation power electronics. 

“As the UK’s premier low carbon vehicle technology event, Ricardo is excited to be supporting LCV2016 with technology exhibits, presentations, vehicle displays and ride and drive opportunities,” commented Ricardo chief technology and innovation officer Professor Neville Jackson. “We are particularly pleased to be able to present the final results of the Ricardo-led ADEPT project – for which the first public ride and drive opportunities will also be available to delegates of LCV2016 – as well as displaying many of our other low carbon powertrain technologies. A further first is the display of some of our advanced air quality monitoring technologies; these demonstrate Ricardo’s commitment to reducing vehicle related emissions at source through the development of clean, low carbon technologies, as well as to the effective monitoring of air quality in our towns and cities, in order to inform environmental policies.”


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