Ricardo to support 2017 British Science Festival

Ricardo to support 2017 British Science Festival
05 September 2017

Ricardo to support 2017 British Science Festival

The 2017 British Science Festival is being held in the city of Brighton & Hove from 5-9 September, co-hosted by the universities of Brighton and Sussex, and actively supported by Ricardo as one of the region’s largest technology-based employers.

The British Science Festival is the longest-established science festival in Europe. Organized by the British Science Association (BSA), it grew out of the annual meetings of the Association, which were designed to engender discussion and debate. Many major scientific advances were announced at these annual meetings, including Joule’s experiments on the mechanical equivalent of heat in the 1840s, Bessemer’s steel-making process (1856), the discovery of the first of the inert gases, Argon, by Rayleigh and Ramsay (1894), the first public demonstration of wireless transmission over a few hundred yards by Sir Oliver Lodge (1894), and J.J. Thomson’s discovery of the electron (1899). In more recent years, the annual meeting has grown into a festival spanning a number of days, including evening ‘science meets arts/comedy/theatre’ events and activities for sixth form students, families, and community audiences.

On Wednesday 6 September, Ricardo is sponsoring the scientific section presidential address, ‘Get in tune with your inner engineer’, by Prof. Danielle George, at the Sallis Benney Theatre, Brighton, which will focus on inspiring the next generation of engineers. The session will be introduced by Ricardo chief operating officer Mark Garrett.

On Friday 8 September, Ricardo will also sponsor the panel discussion session ‘What’s next for the car?’, to be hosted at the Westlain Building of the University of Brighton. With the automobile industry currently driven by technological innovation and increasing pressure to improve safety and reduce the environmental impact of vehicles, this interdisciplinary panel discussion will range from driverless cars to clean engines in imagining the car of the future. Ricardo’s chief technology and innovation officer Professor Neville Jackson will participate in the discussion.

“With the 2017 British Science Festival being hosted by the two universities based in the city of Brighton & Hove, so close to our global headquarters, Ricardo is pleased to be able to support and participate in this year’s event,” commented Ricardo chief operating officer Mark Garrett. “Ricardo collaborates extensively with the universities of Brighton and Sussex – as well as many other leading academic research institutions around the world – in developing and refining the clean, energy-efficient technologies of the future. We also care passionately about encouraging an interest in STEM subjects amongst the young people who will become the next generation of engineers and scientists. We therefore wish every success to the 2017 British Science Festival and are proud to be able to offer our support to what I know will be a very successful event.”

For more information about the British Science Festival visit: www.britishsciencefestival.org.