Ricardo webinar to show importance of early planning for EV charging infrastructure

Ricardo webinar to show importance of early planning for EV charging infrastructure
23 April 2018

Ricardo webinar to show importance of early planning for EV charging infrastructure


Following the recent and highly successful Ricardo webinar aimed at helping commercial vehicle fleet operators plan for electrification, the next in the series will focus on the strategic choices involved in planning EV charging infrastructure. Targeted at local authorities and other major land owners – from retail and business parks to leisure centres, universities and major business owners – the webinar will illustrate the importance of planning early for maximum flexibility and return on investment.


The webinar Fleet electrification and the benefits of planning your charging infrastructure early will take place on Wednesday 16 May at 10.00 – 11.00 BST [09.00-10.00 CET]. The event will be hosted by Ricardo’s sustainable business and transport teams and will draw upon recent experience in assisting the planning of future charging infrastructure. This material will include the first public presentation of the results of a major study on the strategic options for the roll-out of a dense urban charging network for the city of Brighton & Hove – one of the most comprehensive studies of this nature to date – carried out recently by Ricardo for Pebble Power (part of the Pebble Trust).

The webinar will examine the factors that land owners, planning officers, estate directors and sustainability teams will need to consider when planning future electric vehicle charging infrastructure. A key lesson from the webinar is that the sooner that planning starts to meet the requirements of fleet electrification, the greater flexibility and control infrastructure owners can exercise in terms of the available options and associated costs.

Key themes of the webinar include:

  • An overview of the policy requiring and supporting the switch to electric
  • An overview of the technology in development and currently on the market  
  • The benefits of planning charging infrastructure provision now
  • Understanding grid infrastructure and connection capacity requirements
  • In-depth case study of a city-wide deployment of charging infrastructure in Brighton & Hove


“This webinar is essential for those infrastructure owners and managers who are beginning their journey towards electrification,” commented Denis Naberezhnykh, technical director, Ricardo Energy & Environment. “The advantages of electrification for the local environment and the commercial incentives available for fleet operators, mean that electrification is gaining momentum.  By acting early, local authorities, planners and commercial infrastructure owners can realize significant additional flexibility in terms of the costs and practicality of charging solutions. Our webinar will highlight the ways that they can pursue these opportunities and enable them to make informed choices on the next steps available to them.”

Ricardo is uniquely positioned to provide support across the entire electric vehicle arena. Alongside its strategic services for businesses, Ricardo is supporting governments at European, national and local level to develop policies that work towards the global ambition of reducing the impact of vehicle emissions.

Ricardo is also leading in the development of passenger cars with electrified powertrains. Its engineering teams are working with major automotive manufactures to develop electrified powertrain products that meet the environmental goals of regulation, while delivering long-term commercial sustainability.

To register for the webinar ‘Fleet electrification and the benefits of planning your charging infrastructure early’ visit https://ee.ricardo.com/events/fleet-electrification-and-the-benefits-of-planning