Ricardo wind energy business takes-off

Ricardo wind energy business takes-off
26 October 2010

In the past twelve months, Ricardo’s clean energy business has achieved critical mass in securing wind turbine drivetrain development contracts in excess of $1.4 million with major international suppliers.

In the past four months alone, five new contracts have included technical support to one of the leading gearbox manufacturers for analysis and design modification of a multi-MW unit. Ricardo was selected in this case due to the company’s efficient product optimization capability which will be a critical factor in this project. Amongst the other undisclosed projects were technical consulting contracts for wind turbine manufacturers, including some of the leading international turbine suppliers.  These commercial contracts are in addition to the extensive research and development capability that has seen the company develop proprietary Ricardo technology to extend turbine bearing life by 500 percent as part of the Northern Wind Innovation Programme, and collaborate with HORIBA on the design of a 15MW offshore wind drivetrain test facility.

Market sector director for clean energy & power generation Paul Jordan said: “This is a tremendous boost for Ricardo’s clean energy activities where we have now achieved critical mass based on the solid foundations laid over previous years by our European and North American wind energy teams led respectively by Giles Hundleby and Marc Wiseman. This business growth shows the compelling nature of our high quality drivetrain and power systems experience and expertise, and it is fantastic to see major turbine manufacturers recognizing the benefits that Ricardo can bring across the full product development life cycle. By providing excellent service we will aim to develop our relationship with these clients and many new customers as the wind sector continues its very rapid global expansion.”