Ricardo wins Green Innovation Award

Ricardo wins Green Innovation Award
02 November 2010

Leading engineering firm and expert in the development of drivetrains and engine solutions, Ricardo, has been selected to win the prestigious ‘Green Innovation’ award.

The third annual award, established TheGreenCarWebsite.co.uk, is designed to recognise companies which have made an outstanding contribution to the innovation and use of greener technologies or ideas within the car industry.

With almost 100 years of expertise in the automotive industry, global firm Ricardo brings with it a host of noteworthy achievements in the sector.

Ricardo has worked tirelessly on solutions to reduce the emissions of petrol and diesel vehicles as well as developing micro hybrid systems, ethanol-boosted engines, plug-in hybrids, fuel cell systems, intelligent driving systems and even electric car charging points.

It’s this multidisciplinary approach which impressed the leading guide to greener cars, TheGreenCarWebsite.co.uk.

The website’s editor Faye Sunderland says: “Ricardo has made an outstanding contribution to the wider industry’s drive to cut emissions and increase energy efficiency.

“Ricardo has helped a huge number of car manufacturers by delivering everything from complete vehicle solutions to efficient drivetrain and engine products, while also contributing to research into the field of alternative fuels. Its whole market approach means that it has a broad and in-depth knowledge, allowing it to excel in creating the motoring solutions of tomorrow and be at the vanguard of the drive to cut emissions.”

Commenting on the selection of Ricardo for the 2010 Green Innovation award, the company’s chief technology and innovation officer Prof. Neville Jackson said: “This award recognizes the hard work, dedication and innovative spirit of the Ricardo team. Together our aim is to provide the technologies and solutions that will help create a more sustainable and lower carbon future for transportation in all the markets we serve around the world.”


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