Korea Olympic Line

Korea Olympic Line
10 May 2018


Hat-trick for Ricardo as one of ‘America’s Best Management Consulting Firms 2018’

For the third year in succession, Ricardo Strategic Consulting has been named by Forbes as among America’s leading management consultants – considered the very best among the more than 50,000 firms active within the US market.

Ricardo can today reveal that for the third year in succession, it is included in Forbes’ America’s Best Management Consulting Firms 2018, a list identifying which management consultancies are providing business sectors with the best guidance on their practice. To compile this list of America’s Best Management Consulting Firms, Forbes collaborated with online statistics provider Statista.

Ricardo Strategic Consulting is the global management consulting subsidiary of Ricardo, serving the automotive and transportation industries. It offers a comprehensive portfolio of management consulting services, advises global leaders on high-impact global strategic issues and solves operational challenges at every stage of the value chain.

“On behalf of Ricardo I am pleased to acknowledge the very generous recognition provided to us through our inclusion in Forbes’ America’s Best Management Consulting Firms 2018, a list that defines the very best within management consulting,” commented Derek Schlonsky, president of Ricardo Strategic Consulting. “Across multiple industries and markets, we are used to helping our clients address some of the most pressing global challenges they face. From regulatory compliance, increasing energy efficiency, optimizing total cost of ownership, or adapting to new technology, we are here to help.  To be awarded the honour of inclusion in the Forbes list for the third year in succession is testament to the hard work and dedication to customer service of our global team of management consultants and technology specialists.”