Ricardo Quarterly Q1 2001

Ricardo Quarterly Q1 2001


COVISINT opens for business, the methanol lobby fires its fuel-cell rounds, Delphi readies its Stop-Start and the EPA proposes yet tighter US diesel emissions. Plus a welcome from Ricardo chief executive Rodney Westhead.


Refinement Centre opens at Shoreham, Audi motorsport partnership moves into 2001, Ricardo scoops Knowledge Management Project award, Detroit test centre grows with test cells and a new test track, new directors are appointed

Ricardo conference

Vehicle Systems integration in the Wired World is the theme for the second Ricardo International Conference. This major event will be held in Brighton in June.


The coming of 42 volts

Increasing electrical demands are forcing carmakers into a new, high-powered elecrical architecture- and suppliers need to met the challenge now. By Jeff Daniels

Jeremy Holt

Ricardo Inc., the company's growing North American arm, has a new president and CEO with a firm focus on the future. RQ looks at the background to the expanding operations, and meets the new boss. By Jeremey Burne

Why fuel cells are the future

Fuel-cell cars will be on the road by 2003, and the industry will undergo sesimic upheaval. But the debate is raging over the best fuel to use. By Jesse Crosse


Wolfgang Reitzle

Leaving BMQ before being propelled into the dream job at Ford, Reitzle heads the blue oval's Premier Automotive Group. Jaguar, Volvo, Aston Martin, Land Rover and Lincoln are now under his expert control. Interview by Thomas Imhof

Tong Gott

As Bentley and Rolls-Royce prepare to go their seperate ways, their chief executive gears up for Bentley's five year investment plan as part of the Volkswagen group. Exciting times lie ahead, including a new mid-size Bentley. Interview by Julian Rendell



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