Ricardo Quarterly Q1 2002

Ricardo Quarterly Q1 2002


Supercharged MINI Cooper S is launched supported by Ricardo engineering, Visteon develops a one-piece faa, Eaton unwraps a hydraulic energy-storage system, US government axes PNGV in favour of Freedom CAR project, rear steer-by-wire arrives from Delphi. And Ricardo chief executive Rodney Westhead has a welcome Message


Ricardo publishes its new Diesel Report, plans a diesel seminar for May, and reveals growth and profits in its interim results. Ford’s Group A rally kit for the Focus 2.0 features Ricardo calibration, and Dallara chooses Ricardo transmissions for its new single-seaters. Plus an insight into Ricardo engineering support for Maserati’s new Spyder


Volvo’s new diesel

With premium diesel sales poised for takeoff, Volvo needed its own diesel engine. Tony Lewin describes how, with help from Ricardo, it’s one of the most advanced of all

That final two per cent

Audi dominates long-distance sportscar racing. Ricardo supplies the transmissions. So how can the best gearbox be made even better? William Kimberley finds out

Keeping the peace

The British Army frequently finds itself in a peace-keeping role. The Ricardo conversion of a Land Rover into a Rapid Deployment Vehicle makes the task a little easier

Lean Boost Direct Injection

Direct injection brings fuel efficiency to gasoline engines. Pressure boosting with a lean mixture brings even more, and could be the key to downsizing


William Clay Ford Jnr

The removal of Ford CEO Jac Nasser last November stunned the industry. But the Ford Motor Company is fighting back under the guiding hand of Henry Ford’s greatgrandson, William Clay Ford Jnr. His Revitalisation Plan will reduce capacity, create redundancies, slash costs and make for a healthy and profitable Ford. He explains to Anthony Lewis and Chris Wright how it will work

Maxime Boniteau

Renault is taking a very different approach to high-image luxury car design from the conservatism favoured by the established leaders. As the radical Vel Satis is launched, the company’s director of product planning for upper range models explains the bold strategy to Tony Lewin

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