Ricardo Quarterly Q2 2002

Ricardo Quarterly Q2 2002


First coast-to-coast crossing of the US by a fuelcell car; DaimlerChrysler’s new global engine generation; Ford raises diesel stakes; GM overhauls Ford in US productivity; Ricardo chief executive Rodney Westhead hails the successful i-MoGen mild hybrid programme


Diesel Seminar is the first of a series of executive presentations; expansion plans at the Detroit Technology Campus; Ricardo Software moves into Japan; key role for Ricardo in the Queen’s brand new State Limousine Bentley


What the future holds

Technology specialist Jeff Daniels looks ahead to the ideas that will be ruling the roads in decades to come – and finds much to be optimistic about

Technology Roadmap

Ricardo experts Nick Owen and Peter Brown give their idea of what’s on tomorrow’s automotive agenda

Material gains

CGI is being hailed as the new wonder-material for engines but, as William Kimberley discovers in conversation with Ricardo specialists, there are many other more radical solutions too


Two’s company

Ricardo and Valeo technology directors Neville Jackson and Michel Lifermann talk to Jesse Crosse about the ground-breaking collaboration which led to the ambitious i-MoGen programme

Project overview

The key elements which enable Ricardo to meet the 4 litre/100km mild hybrid challenge

Engine downsizing

The key concept which dramatically boosts engine efficiency

Integrated Starter Alternator

Valeo develops the heart of the hybrid Powertrain

Thermal systems

Managing heat flow helps minimise parasitic losses

Exhaust aftertreatmant

Novel strategy provides the best of both worlds

Systems Integration

The patented brain which controls i-MoGen’s every activity


Professor Wilfried Bockelmann

The man who masterminded Skoda’s technical renaissance was recently given responsibility for all future Skodas, VWs and Bentleys. Richard Feast caught up with him in a rare free moment

Thierry Morin

Taking the helm of i-MoGen partner Valeo at a turbulent time, new Chairman Thierry Morin explains his novel Domains strategy

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