Ricardo Quarterly Q4 2003

Ricardo Quarterly Q4 2003


Hybrids go mainstream at Detroit; CAFÉ rules face revision; global forecasts; scientists’ diesel questions


V10 racing diesel engine takes shape; new electronics and simulation software; low- CO2 collaboration with PSA and QinetiQ; Ricardo joins prestigious German FVV


Jaguar X-TYPE 2.0D 8 For engineering support on its all-important first-ever diesel, Jaguar chose the development partner with a strong track record in premium diesels – Ricardo. Anthony Smith reports on a smooth running collaboration

The strategic view

Global pressures on auto-sector companies mean that technology, product and business issues are increasingly interdependent. With its deep industry knowledge, real solutions and clear delivery, Ricardo Strategic Consulting addresses the needs of car and truck makers, suppliers and investment banks


Olivier Boulay

Mitsubishi’s French-born corporate general manager of car design has strong ideas about platform sharing, underfloor engines and pedestrian safety – as Julian Rendell discovers

Tom Keim

As director of the MIT industry consortium on advanced automotive electrical and electronic systems, Tom Keim is on a mission to make cars better for everybody – especially consortium members, including Ricardo. He spoke to Tony Lewin on his recent visit to Ricardo

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