Ricardo Quarterly Q4 2005

Ricardo Quarterly Q4 2005


Germany embraces hybrids at the Frankfurt show; hybrid alliances form; Tokyo highlights hydrogen; Mack’s hybrid heavy; VW downsizes engines; PSA-Ford’s new diesels


Finite element software package launched; software conference scheduled; Ricardo opens new offices in China and Japan; Ricardo supports new Renault NVH Facility


Handing over the controls

As Dave Shemmans takes over the Ricardo CEO’s mantle from Rodney Westhead, John Griffiths of the Financial Times speaks to both men about the company’s past, present and future

Koichi Fukaya

The president of Denso, the world’s fourth-largest automotive supplier, tells Tony Lewin about his ambitious plans for Europe – and his ideas on safety systems

General Motors’ Global V6

To power its huge variety of nameplates into the next decade, GM needed an advanced but versatile base V6 engine that could be developed to suit each brand’s individual characteristics. Working with Ricardo engineers, GM developed the Global V6 in record time. Anthony Smith reports on a state-of-the-art design that is comfortable in a Cadillac, sporty in a Saab – and just as happy in a Holden or a Buick

A car for €5000

The success of the Renault-Dacia Logan has reawakened automakers’ interest in low-cost cars for emerging markets. Ricardo Strategic Consulting has taken an indepth look at every step of the design and assembly process and, as Tony Lewin reports, has come up with key strategic recommendations for companies considering entering the €5000 market

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