Ricardo Quarterly Q3 2006

Ricardo Quarterly Q3 2006


Diesel Audi wins Le Mans as Peugeot joins the fray; Toyota and Honda reveal their future plans; International Engine of the Year awards; Land Rover Freelander innovations


New cross-axle Torque Vectoring™demonstrator; Efficient-C launched; Ricardo explores collaboration on MotoGP with B3 Technologies; European software conference and engine training courses announced


Shunsuke Fushiki

Toyota’s hybrid expert talks to Tony Lewin about the new strategic direction which will see two basic hybrid systems – one for front drive platforms and the other for rear drive. Both of them will be full hybrids

Mark Spain

Microsoft’s ambassador to the automotive industry is interested in providing systems for communication, entertainment and comfort – but, as Tony Lewin finds out, not those which run the engine or steer the vehicle features

The hottest HEMI®

From chief executive’s vision to showroom in 26 months – that was Chrysler’s challenge in engineering this latest and hottest incarnation of its famed HEMI® V8. Jeremy Burne reports from Detroit on Ricardo’s key role in this exciting programme

Two-stroke of genius

Two-stroke engines may be perfect for chainsaws, brushcutters and construction tools, but they are bad for the environment. Now, as Jesse Crosse reports, engineers at Ricardo have invented a new carburettor which cleans up the two-stroke’s act – and which costs almost nothing to Incorporate

Optimising the Audi

When Audi installed a new 3.2 litre engine in its luxury A8 sedan it used Ricardo WAVE simulation to optimise an exhaust system that was both soothing and sporty – and which improved both power and torque at the same time. Anthony Smith reports

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