Ricardo Quarterly Q1 2008

Ricardo Quarterly Q1 2008


Detroit’s green agenda; Land Rover diesel hybrid, Ford’s downsized SUV; Chrysler’s concepts; Tata launches People’s Car in New Delhi; supersports cars go diesel


AFS Trinity Extreme HybridTM demonstrator completed in five months; cost-reduction co-operation on lithium-ion batteries; Ricardo wins motorsport export award; US manufacturing collaboration; clean diesel breakthrough


HS Lee, head of R&D at Hyundai-Kia

President of corporate R&D at increasingly successful Korean automaker Hyundai-Kia Automotive, HS Lee tells Tony Lewin about hybrids, fuel cell vehicles, CO2 saving – and the launch of the group’s luxury Genesis series

Dilip Chenoy, SIAM

The Director General of the Society of Indian Automotive Manufacturers is presiding over an unprecedented boom in India’s auto industry. We hear his views on today’s successes – including the Tata Nano – and India’s prospects for the future

Wind power: the next generation

Wind power may be a renewable source of energy, but the weather is rarely predictable. Ricardo has been assisting General Compression on novel technology which allows energy to be harvested and stored for periods of peak demand. Anthony Smith reports

Ricardo India

As Ricardo inaugurates its India division, we take a close look at the Indian automotive scene and the fresh way of doing business that the new organisation will usher in

The challenge of biofuels

Once seen as the answer to the world’s environmental problems, biofuels are coming under increasing scrutiny for their well-to-wheels performance and possible adverse effects on engine durability. Jesse Crosse speaks to Ricardo’s experts in the field

Hybrid vehicle development

The step-change in systems integration that comes with hybrid and energy-efficient vehicles means a fundamental rethink of the way we develop our vehicles. Andy Chien of Ricardo Strategic consulting anticipates a revolution in the making

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