Ricardo Quarterly Q2 2007

Ricardo Quarterly Q2 2007


Next-generation hybrids at the Geneva show; Europe searches for CO2 answers; North America faces emissions legislation shift; GM presents advanced clean diesel for Cadillac


Dieselmax record-breaking team honoured; new IT director for Ricardo; Indian software customer service enhanced; Ricardo hybrid taxi does New York duty


Shigeo Mizuno

Shigeo Mizuno is programme manager for the new Mazda2 hatchback. Tony Lewin spoke to him at the car’s unveiling at the Geneva motor show

The road to Roewe

Ricardo has provided the nucleus for a new world-class product development organisation for one of China’s leading automakers. Anthony Smith gives the inside story of SAIC Motor Co and its range of forthcoming products

Total cost of ownership

The truck market is notorious for its cyclical swings – so Ricardo Strategic Consulting has come up with an imaginative template to capture profitable downstream revenues for the years beyond the warranty period

More venom for the Viper

Dodge’s iconic big-bore sports car hits the 600 hp mark for 2008 – thanks to the innovative CamInCam® concept and the expertise of the Chrysler-Ricardo engineering team. Jeremy Burne has the inside track

Diesel combustion control

With the ultra-low emissions of next-generation diesel engines needing to be sustained over extended mileages, GM has joined with Ricardo to develop engine management systems capable of compensating for both production variability and component ageing. Anthony Smith reports

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