Ricardo Quarterly Q2 2008

Ricardo Quarterly Q2 2008


Next-generation hybrids take shape; VW’s 89 g/km Golf; diesels gear up for the US market; battery-electric vehicles back on the agenda; Fiat has lowest CO2 in Europe


Battery systems development facility to open in Detroit; AFS Trinity Extreme HybridTM celebrates Earth Day in Washington; City of London award for Ricardo; new WAVE8 launches


Igor Kulgan, head of powertrain, GAZ Group

 In charge of a vast network of vertically-integrated factories conceived in the Soviet era, Igor Kulgan needs to bring GAZ Group into the 21st century. Co-developing a heavy duty truck engine with Ricardo is a strong start, as Tony Lewin finds out

Delphi on biofuels

Engineers from Delphi’s fuel injection division give their followup to our report on biofuels in the last issue of RQ, spelling out the major challenges presented by the variability, instability and incompatibility of many biodiesel types

Defence vehicle engineering

The role of the military has changed dramatically since 2000, requiring vehicle engineering solutions with far more flexibility, versatility and more effective use of resources. Anthony Smith explains how Ricardo is leveraging its extensive automotive expertise to create the next generation of defence vehicles

Tactical advantage

North American truckmaker Navistar Inc has teamed up with Ricardo on a key strategic project for the US armed forces – the Future Tactical Truck System. Jeremy Burne tells the story of how the two organisations developed this ultra-advanced hybrid concept and its sophisticated on-board systems against a tight timetable

Hyundai H engine

Developed in conjunction with Ricardo, Hyundai’s new 10-litre bus and truck engine breaks new boundaries in the design of heavy duty diesels. Jesse Crosse speaks to the men behind the successful programme

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