Ricardo Quarterly Q3 2008

Ricardo Quarterly Q3 2008


Electric cars approach production reality; Porsche’s first dual clutch transmission; Honda solves super-sports bike ABS dilemma; Mazda maps out future fuel-saving strategy


New upgrade for WMIK; eAMT demonstrates next-generation transmission technology; low carbon vehicle initiatives announced and new advisory board for RSC


Infiniti Europe

Does Europe need another premium brand? Tony Lewin questions the Nissan prestige marque’s top marketing executives Bastien Schupp and Gaelle le Grouiec


Lewis Booth has overseen a dramatic turnaround in Ford’s European business. Tony Lewin asks him about CO2, Volvo, Jaguar, and the prospects for Ford’s global operations

Switching cycles

CO2 savings of 27 per cent are promised as Ricardo’s remarkable 2/4SIGHT engine switches between two- and four-stroke operation. Anthony Smith lifts the lid on a key new technology

Porsche profits from WAVE

The Stuttgart sportscar maker’s iconic 911 GT2 gains yet more power and torque, but with no increase in consumption. Porsche’s Dr-Ing L Theilemann explains how it was done using Ricardo’s WAVE software

Made to measure

Ricardo is best known for its R&D, but it also manufactures powertrain products in its own right. As Anthony Smith reports, these range from prototype parts to series components for road and racetrack


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