Ricardo Quarterly Q1 2009

Ricardo Quarterly Q1 2009


All change in Detroit as Big Three turn to plug-ins, electrics and hybrids; new Prius and Mercedes concept cars; battery alliances come together; Renault reveals powertrain plans.


Battery systems development facility opens: Mason Technology Roadmap report published; new version of Emleg Emissions database; Ricardo to collaborate with HHI on a new gas engine and manufacture DCT for new ‘Grand Sport’ Bugatti Veyron


Tom Purves, CEO, Rolls-Royce Tony Lewin talks to the Rolls-Royce apprentice-turned-CEO as the famous high-luxury carmaker prepares to launch its new, smaller car into an uncertain global market

Helping hydrogen happen

Long seen as the dream fuel of the future, hydrogen still faces formidable obstacles on many fronts. Jesse Crosse questions Ricardo’s hydrogen experts and discovers that the plug-in hybrid could be the car that finally gets the fuel into service

Turning fossil fuels into hydrogen

Experts from ExxonMobil have developed a reformer which can generate hydrogen on board the vehicle using gasoline, diesel or renewable liquid fuels. Anthony Smith reports on an invention that will set the energy industry thinking

A boost for the economy

Turbocharging and direct injection make it possible to dramatically downsize spark-ignition engines for better fuel economy and lower emissions, as Jesse Crosse discovers when he speaks to the men behind Ricardo’s DI BOOST project

Ethanol boosted direct injection

Downsizing in combination with boosting and direct injection in a spark ignition engine has further benefits – especially with alternative fuels such as ethanol – as demonstrated by the EBDI project

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