Ricardo Quarterly Q2 2009

Ricardo Quarterly Q2 2009


All eyes on China as electric movement gains momentum; german drivers warm to battery power; VW and Fiat downsize engines and innovate; BMW taps exhaust heat; Obama gives US fuel standards; hydrogen efficiency matches diesel’s.


Can the power grid support EV expansion; Ricardo helps shape US fuel rules; Russian business grows; EconoMark consortium launches its benchmarking programme; Ricardo veteran remembers life in Honda’s F1 team.


Nissan goes electric

Global product planning director Tom Lane and electric vehicles unit head Andy Palmer give Tony Lewin the low-down on how the Renault-Nissan Alliance plans to be world number one in electric vehicles.


BMW’s “brilliant” bike engine renowned for producing some of the world’s finest motorcycles, BMW approached Ricardo to participate in an engineering programme to help to develop a new four- cylinder engine for its top K 1300 motorcycle range. Jesse Crosse and Anthony Smith describe a fascinating engineering collaboration

Extending the horizon

Ricardo has led a highly successful project using automotive, telecoms, navigation, and intelligent mapping technology to help vehicles anticipate road conditions ahead. This saves fuel, boosts safety and, as Jesse Crosse reports, costs only a few dollars per car.

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