Ricardo Quarterly Q4 2009

Ricardo Quarterly Q4 2009


Honda prioritises hybrids over electrics; stop-start reaches the scooter and motorcycle market; key carmakers work on thermal energy recovery; EV excitement brings energy supply backlash; Porsche offers lithium ion battery option to save weight


SARTRE project aims to develop platooning technology; new transmission for Russia’s KATE; test facility upgrade for Chicago, and; new fuel efficient demonstrator vehicle for US Army


The battery is the key technology
Daimler and Mercedes-Benz Cars research chief Thomas Weber gives a wide-ranging interview to Tony Lewin


Protect and survive
In the unpredictable conditions of today’s counterinsurgency campaigns, all vehicles are targets and all need to be protected against explosive devices. This calls for a wholly new generation of military vehicles, as Farah Alkhalisi found out when she spoke to the Ricardo team developing the radical new Ocelot platform

Power from the bottom of the sea
OpenHydro’s mighty undersea turbines tap ocean currents to provide reliable renewable energy irrespective of the weather. Anthony Smith tells the story of Ricardo’s assistance in this remarkable programme

Flywheels for the future
High-speed flywheels are a cheap and efficient way to hybridise vehicles – yet until now their development has been hindered by the lack of suitable transmission systems. Jesse Crosse reports on ingenious developments at Ricardo that could have wide-ranging applications in public transport too

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