Ricardo Quarterly Q4 2010

Ricardo Quarterly Q4 2010

Industry news
Jaguar electric supercar boosts range with turbine power; renewable power to benefit from part-spent EV batteries; US proposes truck CO2 standards; Eurostar train order sparks controversy; world’s largest ferry uses directinjection diesels

Ricardo news
Award for Ricardo Kinergy high speed flywheel application; EconoMark consortium benchmarks the most fuel efficient; Ricardo joins PMI executive council; ILMS victory for Peugeot; Open architecture ECU collaboration; Ricardo wins Green Innovation Award

Questions and answers
Stefan Jacoby, CEO Volvo Cars – three months into his tenure, Volvo’s new chief has radical ideas for a new Volvo image for the future, with Apple-style intuitive controls and IKEA functionality

Ethanol evangelist

From farm-level producer to the world’s top ethanol supplier in 25 years, Jeff Broin has a vision of a sustainable future with corn and cellulosic-based ethanol replacing liquid fossil fuels.

The power to fly
Development of unmanned aerial vehicles has been hampered by the lack of engines with suitably high performance, low weight and long endurance. Ricardo has designed the innovative Wolverine3 dedicated heavy-fuel UAV engine which has now been successfully flight tested

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