Ricardo Quarterly Q2 2012

Ricardo Quarterly Q2 2012



Auxiliary energy: Range extender engines allow electric vehicles to increase range and reduce battery size and cost. Here we document the latest in APU technology,as developed by Ricardo for the Low Carbon Vehicle Project demonstrator programme.


Delivering the goods: Ricardo assists Intelligent Energyand its research partners, with an ambitious programme for a range-extended electric delivery van.


Hitting new heights: When world-leading construction equipment maker Caterpillar was awarded a programme by the US Department of Defense to develop a high speed, high performance diesel engine, it invited Ricardo as a subcontractor. The outcome was a mighty engine that produces sensational power.


RQ viewpoint: Where next after China? Ricardo Asia MD Gary Tan looks ahead to the next wave of

Asia-Pacific expansion


Ricardo news: Mechanical energy storage improves diesel train efficiency; new collaborations in China; Hong Kong environment minister visits Ricardo Cambridge, and; monorail cooperation in Malaysia


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