Ricardo Quarterly Q2 2017

Ricardo Quarterly Q2 2017

Shipping emissions: Pollutant emissions from shipping form a significant part of the overall air quality picture – and Ricardo has delivered a comprehensive update of the UK shipping emissions inventory.

Smart monitoring: Pantograph dewirements are extremely disruptive to rail operation, promptingRicardo Rail to develop the innovative PanMon monitoring system to help prevent such costly occurrences.

Quantum leap in Complexity: Advanced assistance systems and autonomous operation are making vehicles massively more complex, posing major challenges in assuring the safety and integrity of software systems. This is something that the Ricardo-led PICASSOS project has begun to address.

Interview: Andy Palmer, CEO Aston Martin Lagonda, explains that after many years of ups and downs, the UK sports car maker is poised to expand into new sectors

RQ viewpoint: Eric Chan, Ricardo connected and automated vehicles expert, outlines why automotive cyber security is a real and present challenge and must be considered in the design phase. Read online.

Ricardo news:  Collaboration with Toyota on fuel cell truck; certifying China’s trains; roadside emissions monitoring; classic locomotive steams ahead; Forbes award for Ricardo

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