Efficient Base Calibration: Use of high-fidelity engine plant model

Efficient Base Calibration: Use of high-fidelity engine plant model

Our webinar, Utilising High-Fidelity Engine Plant Models to Increase the Efficiency and Robustness of Base Engine Calibration, is also available to view here. You will need to supply your contact details in order to view this content.

Using simulation results to calibrate ECU parameters is essential to reducing the required facilities, people and hardware to carry out calibration. However, the calibration requirements for accurate representation of the physical hardware in simulation reduces the potential savings.

In this free 60-minute webinar, Ricardo’s Alistair Peel, Calibration Solution Lead, and Petr Cerveny, Solutions Manager showcase Ricardo’s Efficient Calibration tools and process for Base Engine Calibration, enabling a reduction in the time and cost required for calibration while increasing its robustness.

Ricardo’s approach is a combination of unique methodology and Hi-Fidelity physical real-time capable plant model implemented into a single process, applicable for HiL, MiL and SiL. The participants of the webinar will get familiar with the process, its applications and valued savings.

This webinar was first broadcast in October 2020.