Motorcycle Race Technology into Real World Applications

Motorcycle Race Technology into Real World Applications

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Is motorcycle racing technology a necessity for advancement or just a cost of marketing? Ricardo brings together experts from across the motorcycle industry for an impassioned and informed panel discussion on whether the transfer of technology from racing to road bikes is fact or fiction.

In this free 60-minute panel discussion, our panel discuss some of the burning questions industry and everyday bikers most care about.

Key topics:

  1. Do motorcycle OEMs race for marketing or technology reasons?
  2. What is the most significant technology that motorcycle racing has provided?
  3. What recent race technology can we expect to see transferred to road bikes in dealerships?
  4. Does one type of motorcycle racing produce more commercial technologies than others?
  5. What has been the major area to benefit from racing technologies: Safety, efficiency, apparel, functionality?

First broadcast 3rd November as part of the Ricardo Motorcycle Conference 7.0

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