Welcome to RiCK™, a technical research database & content subscription tool

Welcome to RiCK™, a technical research database & content subscription tool

Welcome to RiCK™, a trusted technical research tool and content subscription. Immediate access to over 300,000 abstracted references from industry-leading sources, expertly curated in one database

Better Decision Making

RiCK™ helps your team make better business decisions by providing intelligence and actionable insight from industry-leading sources all in one place.

Keep up to date with the latest technical reports, news and analysis

The RiCK™ database gives access to abstracted references of industry-leading papers, technical reports and articles from the global automotive, engineering, transport, and energy sectors. The RiCK™ database uses AI technology to capture and process information from a broad range of sources. It combines this with the technical knowledge of Ricardo’s subject matter experts, and selection from the RiCK™ knowledge team. Over 500 new entries are added each month. RiCK™ helps subscribers to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and the speed of their research efforts.

Enhanced subscriptions offer a collection of technology roadmaps produced by Ricardo experts. The roadmaps analyse and project the likely evolution of a range of market sectors to 2030 and beyond. RiCK™ 2.0 also includes a comprehensive list of forthcoming conferences searchable by market sector and product group.

Access relevant results quickly

Eliminate time wasted finding relevant results with advanced search techniques and trusted technical content. Those that subscribe to higher service level packages will also have access to information specialists to assist with more complex search requirements. The RiCK™ team combines years of research experience alongside Boolean, natural language and keyword search techniques to help customers find the most appropriate and actionable results from technical research.

Research easily from mobile

Use your RiCK™ subscription from any mobile device so you can access the information you need, precisely when you need it.

What our users say

Dr Cedric Rouaud, Global Technical Expert on Thermal Systems at Ricardo says, “When our team were working on a technology review for a Tier 1 supplier, we were looking for disruptive technologies in thermal management domain. We were able to screen several abstracts in 2 days and extract the relevant information for our report. Using RiCK™ enables us to maintain our thermal management literature review which is now reaching 350 pages of information on ICE, electric components, cabin comfort, holistic thermal management, multi-temperature cooling systems and advanced thermal control.”

RiCK™ Industry news

Stay current on the news in the fields of Future Mobility, Batteries, fuel and lubricants with content aggregated from over 80,000 news sources driven by artificial intelligence. This is a weekly email update covering the latest industry news curated to give a quick overview of key developments with a link to original industry sources.

News Bulletins

Our suite of bulletins cover the latest developments and summarise the most recent literature provided in specific subject areas. Subject areas include autonomous vehicles, fuel economy, fuels & lubricants, hybrid and electric powertrains, and more.

Phil Carden, Technical Specialist in Design Analysis at Ricardo says, “I am able to use RiCK™ to make sure I stay up to date with all relevant public information on the mechanical design and analysis of engines.”

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