Welcome to RiCK™, a technical research database & content subscription tool

Welcome to RiCK™, a technical research database & content subscription tool

RiCK™ -  Intelligence Driven. People Powered.

Knowledge management, technical research and content subscription

At the core of the RiCK™ service is the database, which is continuously updated and refreshed with the latest research publications, and contains over 300,000 abstracted references from trusted sources, including technical conference papers, journal articles, industry reports, white papers and press releases.

RiCK™ provides information from trusted technical content providers all in one place. This technical abstract database allows your team to discover the right secondary research and access it instantly. RiCK™ Information Specialists review and curate inputs, adding over 500 new entries each month. The RiCK™ database is beneficial for anyone embarking on automotive, engineering, transport and energy projects:

  • Make research teams more agile
    Reduce the time your team spends searching for relevant and trusted technical information.
  • Access Ricardo's information specialists
    The database is managed by Ricardo information specialists that can help technical teams with advanced research.
  • Technical content engineers can trust
    A subscription to RiCK™ provides immediate access for research engineers and other teams to over 300,000 abstracted references from industry-leading sources.
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