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RiCK combines Ricardo’s heritage and expertise with advanced technology,
We help teams attain a deep level of knowledge quickly.

RiCK is the Ricardo Centre of Knowledge;  we provide unparalleled , energy, engineering, environment and transport-related material in a single location. The RiCK team curates the database with the latest research and intelligence on Hydrogen, Decarbonisation, Electrification, and everything related to Propulsion. Our core markets include Automotive, Marine, Rail and Aviation.

We source 500 new entries a month and collate everything within one database, RiCK. We help you cut through the noise of a standard search engine saving your team up to one day a week of wasted research time, directly improving your profitability.

Through the subscription model of RiCK™, you have access to the same technical information as Ricardo's keenest technical minds. Our Information Specialists are on hand to assist you in finding information quickly and efficiently.

We provide a suite of packages tailored to your budgets and research needs, whether you are looking for support on a specific topic or a complete corporate package.

Our clients tell us the reliability of the data sources and the ability to follow up with our experts sets us apart from our competitors.

BP Fuel Product Development Advisor Brian Macey and his team use RiCK™ as part of their research process. Brian says:
 A consultancy like Ricardo may have useful information for our team as they may have already collected the type of outcomes we are looking for. They may have collated similar information that will help us with the problem we are trying to solve. We’re usually looking to make vehicles as fuel-efficient as possible and reduce emissions. It’s just as important that our technologist knows how to search and the search criteria to use.

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Trevor Downes, Chief Engineer, Propulsion Systems, Ricardo, says,

“Using RiCK™ enables research literature reviews to be executed highly efficiently, using a single source and being confident that all key references will be recorded and summarised. Full documents are available for deeper review in a very short timeframe. This significantly compresses the time associated with this task, and pulls forward the return on research investment.”

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