Electrification is playing a pivotal role in the transport, environment and energy sectors - there has been a shift towards electrification as several sectors work towards decarbonisation targets. Many industrial companies are looking to reduce GHG emissions by electrifying operations and reducing the use of fossil fuels by utilising renewable electric power instead. Across many sectors, electrification projects are accelerating. In transportation, electric vehicle sales are increasing, and electrification of aircraft is underway, EV charging infrastructure projects are already taking place across the globe. Railway electrification projects need advance planning, diesel trains are expected to be phased out by 2040 in the UK, and according to IMechE, only 42% of the UK system is electrified. A subscription to RiCK™ can help you to discover trusted electrification market research and intelligence. RiCK™ includes information from over 100 journal and magazine subscriptions, conference papers and reports, news and articles.

What is electrification?

Electrification refers to the process or action of powering something with electricity, and in this context, it replaces previous fossil fuel sources like coal, oil and natural gas. Electrification is one of many solutions organisations are employing to reduce CO2 emissions. This process may also be referred to as beneficial electrification (or strategic electrification).

Why is electrification important?

There is a collective awareness of environmental and climate concerns across the world, and governments have implemented regulations to reduce carbon emissions by 2050. The disruption of global warming and extreme weather events is already evident globally. The pace at which countries need to move towards a reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions is accelerating. According to the World Economic Forum Report, Electrification is critical for decarbonisation. The share of renewable energy in the electricity mix must increase. According to the International Renewable Energy Agency’s Remap Scenario, by 2050, the percentage of electricity in total final energy consumption will rise from 19% to about 44%, with electricity taking on an increasing role in transport and construction. Moreover, the share of renewables in the electricity generation mix will grow to about 85% in 2050, up from the current 25%. Electrification has the potential to expand across sectors as organisations strive to meet their decarbonisation targets.

How can a RiCK™ subscription help you discover electrification research?

A subscription to RiCK™ can provide immediate access to valuable extracts featuring electrification reports, whitepapers, news articles and technical journal articles. Teams can quickly access relevant research on transport electrification, including railway electrification, aviation, automotive electrification reports and articles including the latest on electric vehicles and electric vehicle infrastructure.

Searching within RiCK™ can help you quickly identify insight on electrification in industry, renewable energy sources, new electrification technology, and other electrification initiatives. A subscription to RiCK™ provides access to trusted resources, technical papers and news so that you can stay ahead of the curve of developments. RiCK™ delivers insight teams can trust to aid intelligent decision-making.

Entries are added to the RiCK™ database each month. Topics helping businesses gather electrification insight include:

  • Electrification research across multiple sectors, including transportation, heating, buildings, and energy.
  • Fleet electrification, e.g. how OEMs might take the action needed to reach GHG targets.
  • Reports on energy innovation, including electrification via renewable energy.
  • Electric Vehicles and Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
  • Studies outlining the electrification of industrial processes and heat.
  • Railway electrification research papers, statistics, reports, and forecasts.
  • Electrification in the aviation industry.
  • Marine electrification research papers, statistics, reports, and forecasts.

What type of electrification research might you find referenced in RiCK™?

Here is a small sample of some of the electrification related reports you can find referenced or abstracted in RiCK™.

  • The State Transportation Electrification Scorecard by American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), released in February 2021
  • The impact of a 2030 ICE phaseout in the UK by Cambridge Econometrics from Element Energy, released in November 2020
  • Pain Points - EV charging in the UK from 2021 and beyond by Devicepilot, released in Nov 2020
  • Five key steps for electric bus success by Eunomia, released in December 2020
  • Battery capacity needed to power electric vehicles in India from 2020 to 2035 by ICCT, February 2021
  • Evaluation of CO2 Emissions Reduction by Mobility Electrification and Alternative Biofuel Introduction in East Asia Summit Countries by Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA), Nov 2020
  • Car CO2 review: Europe’s chance to win the e-mobility race - recommendations for the review of the EU car CO2 standards by Transport & Environment (T&E), January 2021

RiCK™ News Electric Vehicle Charging.


RiCK™ News Electric Vehicle Charging is a weekly email curated by RiCK Information Experts. It provides a regular update of the latest market and industry developments in automotive electrification relations to electric vehicle charging, electric vehicle investment updates, electric vehicle technology developments such as wireless charging and fast-charging. The update is aggregated from 80,000 trusted news and market sources, including Charged EVs news, Reuters, Bloomberg, Business Wire, and many more.

Hybrid & Electric Powertrain News (Technical News Bulletin)

This monthly technical bulletin covers the electrification of powertrains and includes a list of abstracts of reports covering hybrid and electric powertrain updates. The bulletin mainly focuses on the automotive industry but does include updates on marine, rail and off-highway. The update contains a summary of technical papers, conference proceedings, reports and journal articles related to powertrain electrification issues, including charging, energy efficiency, energy management and electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

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