RiCK™ Hydrogen Research

RiCK™ Hydrogen Research

Where does RiCK™ gather hydrogen research?

A RiCK™ subscription can give your team access to essential hydrogen research, including information on hydrogen energy, hydrogen storage and hydrogen fuel cell research, the latest hydrogen news, access to technical papers and a list of conferences related to the hydrogen industry. There is a vital need to decarbonise the transport sector, and as organisations strive to decarbonise transportation of all kinds, hydrogen could play a key role. Hydrogen innovation presents many opportunities for those in the rail, marine, automotive and aviation industries.

If hydrogen is produced using renewable electricity, it offers the potential for a zero-carbon footprint and other hydrogen production methods also promise near-zero or potentially even negative GHG emissions. RiCK™ contains comprehensive information and updates on many hydrogen industry-related subjects including hydrogen generation, renewable energy, hydrogen lifecycle analysis, hydrogen fuel cells, the production of green hydrogen, hydrogen storage, the applications of hydrogen as an energy source and the electrolysis process.

RiCK™ has over 300,000 abstracted references from trusted sources including journal articles, magazine subscriptions, industry reports, white papers and press releases. The hydrogen sources of information within RiCK™ are being extended and augmented. The information available can help teams looking to discover more about hydrogen for current and future plans. The abstracts contained within RiCK™ will help all of those interested in decarbonisation and renewable energy solutions within transport including rail, heavy good vehicles, aircraft, shipping and more. Ricardo information experts handpick the information which brings hydrogen information together in one source. This immediately helps to guide transport teams to relevant and trusted information.

What type of hydrogen research and information does RiCK™ include?

RiCK™ includes a summary of recently published hydrogen literature from sources such as IMechE, Science Direct, Ricardo’s own research and Springer, as well as white papers and other open access sources. A comprehensive list of forthcoming conferences and webinars related to hydrogen is also included.

A subscription to RiCK™ is useful for those with an active interest in using hydrogen as an alternative energy source on the road to decarbonisation. It’s ideal for anyone who would like to gain access to the latest hydrogen analysis and is a critical reference source for work on crucial hydrogen issues and for looking into zero-emissions solutions.

Here are some of the topics that RiCK™ provides quick report access for:

  • Hydrogen Fuel Cells Access to the latest technical papers, news and articles relating to hydrogen fuel cell research, development and deployment.
  • Priority uses for Hydrogen You will be able to access abstracts of technical papers, news and articles that relate to the application of hydrogen as a source of energy. This information is mainly focussed on the use of hydrogen as an element of the future fuel mix for transport.
  • The Hydrogen Value Chain Discover activity surrounding the hydrogen value chain, including developments in production, storage, transport and utilisation of hydrogen.
  • Transitioning to Hydrogen Locate the latest research, white papers, expert views and reports on the transition to hydrogen including use of existing infrastructure, transition programmes, engineering challenges, risks, uncertainties and developments.
  • Renewable energy and Hydrogen Discover up to date papers and research relating to hydrogen production from renewable energy sources such as wind and solar electricity.
Hydrogen storage
  • Hydrogen Energy Storage and Distribution Research, articles, news and technical papers relating to the storage of hydrogen, conversion of electricity to hydrogen by electrolysis and the latest studies and developments relating to the distribution of hydrogen.
  • Hydrogen Conferences and Webinars A comprehensive list of forthcoming conferences and access to abstracts of previous conference papers that feature a focus on hydrogen.
  • The Future of Hydrogen The RiCK™ database includes information relevant to anyone undertaking responsibility for planning for a zero-carbon future with hydrogen as a source of renewable energy.
Hydrogen fuelling

A RiCK™ subscription can help your team to find trusted hydrogen market news, hydrogen research and intelligence in one place. We work closely with Ricardo experts to validate the topics covered, and sources are picked based on their relevance to the industry.

Mike Bell, Group Strategy and Transformation Director at Ricardo, discusses why it’s so important to have access to the latest information and research on hydrogen. He says, “Hydrogen is a very attractive energy vector, but like every major step forward, it is not always quite so simple. And like any fundamental shift, it will require significant changes to national infrastructures and how we go about our business.”

Here is a small sample of the type of hydrogen reports and abstracts you can expect to find with your RICK subscription:

  • Assessment of Hydrogen Production Costs from Electrolysis: United States and Europe, from the ICCT (International Council on Clean Transportation and Three Seas Consulting) 4th June 2020.
  • Production pathways for Hydrogen with a Zero Carbon footprint, from CIMAC (International Council on Combustion Engines) January 2020.
  • Comparison of Hydrogen and Battery Electric Trucks - Methodology and underlying assumptions from Transport and Environment June 2020.
  • Will Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles ever go mainstream? An article from Automotive World on 30th June 2020.
  • Controlling Strategy for the Performance and Nox Emissions of The Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engines with a Turbocharger from the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) 2020.
  • Transition Faster Together - Energy use and Efficiency Solutions, Strategies and Policies for a Clean Energy Future DNV GL Energy in October 2020.
  • Electric and Hydrogen Rail: Potential contribution to Net Zero in the UK from Transport and Environment in October 2020.
  • Optimising Fuel Supply Chains within planetary boundaries: A Case Study of Hydrogen for Road Transport in the UK from Applied Energy on the 15th November 2020.
  • Renewable Electricity requirements to Decarbonise Transport in Europe with Electric Vehicles, Hydrogen and Electrofuels from  Ricardo Energy and Environment on the 4th of December 2020.

rick_new_mock_up_hydrogen.jpgRiCK™ News Hydrogen

RiCK™ News Hydrogen is a weekly email update of the latest hydrogen news, developments and adoption of hydrogen. The email is curated by Ricardo experts using content aggregated from approximately 80,000 trusted news sources including Reuters, Bloomberg, Automotive News and Business Wire. It will highlight key hydrogen news items that signal significant market development and trends. Articles are grouped in categories including hydrogen production, sector applications such as marine, rail and broader contexts such as regulation and strategic innovation. RiCK™ News Hydrogen is useful for  business development teams and industry investors in automotive, energy, transport and technology sectors. The email also includes a monthly editorial opinion and round up from Ricardo experts in the context of regional, national and supranational Net Zero ambitions.

rk_technical_bulletins_estore_hydrogen.jpgRiCK™ Hydrogen Technical Update

The RiCK™ Hydrogen Technical Update provides a detailed monthly update of technical literature that is relevant for engineering teams. The update provides a summary of recently published reports and white papers from sources such as IMechE, Science Direct, Springer and SAE. A comprehensive list of forthcoming conferences and webinars related to hydrogen is also included.